Greetings from CurrentPR

PR and marketing is so glamorous, isn’t it? Red carpets, headlines, flashing cameras, media interviews, limousines? And all that 24/7, behind-the-scenes hard work that most people never see!

We at CurrentPR are well-acquainted with both sides of the PR and marketing world—especially the “hard work” part. With 60+ years of experience among us, we know exactly what’s required to give your company or your project the exposure it deserves and to create the consumer engagement that will spread the word far and wide.

Come join us behind the scenes, and let us make you a star!

To get the ball rolling, below are nine key features about us and our unbeatable services that separate our agency from the 20,000 other PR and marketing firms in America today.

  1. We represent creators and innovators in numerous high-profile industries. Most notably, these include consumer brands (both hard and soft goods), licensed pop culture products (across all boards) and entertainment properties (film, television, books, amusement parks and video games.)
  2. We believe P.R. stands for more than public relations and press releases (but we sure do those, too). We are a full-service agency, and we’ll provide everything from media coverage to consumer engagement to the bottom-line benefit of products purchased, traffic driven, tickets sold. Because you’re not doing this for your health.
  3. We produce—in more ways than one.  Our core staff is small, which makes us fast and flexible. Then, just as a film producer hand-picks the perfect crew for each movie, we select exactly the right team members to match the unique needs of each campaign. This progressive business model ensures that every client gets their own special five-star PR and marketing unit.
  4. We make good business sense. Thanks to our unique staffing structure, we are able to provide a wide range of quality services at lower retainers than most agencies. Clients don’t pay for unnecessary overhead or superfluous employees.
  5. We have a million brilliant contacts in this business. And we know just who to call (including Ghostbusters).
  6. We customize everything. We recognize the fact that every client is unique, and therefore, every campaign should be unique as well.  It all starts with the customized team but it doesn’t end there. From tailor-made campaigns to personalized email pitches, we custom-build and custom-execute on all service levels.
  7. We’ve never met a challenge we didn’t conquer. Serve as Snoopy’s publicist? A joy! Produce a stadium event where a major symphony plays cartoon theme songs? No sweat! Collaborate with 100 farms nationwide to create Great Pumpkin mazes? Piece of cake (or pumpkin pie)! You name it, we’ve done it and we’re ready for more.
  8. We boast an extensive library of client clips. ABC NewsCNN, The New York Times, Prevention Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter: All of these varied outlets—and many, many more from every imaginable media category—have covered CurrentPR’s clients. We’ll be happy to share our latest portfolio with you at any time.
  9. We are very social. We “tweet,” we link in, we “Like” Facebook, but more importantly, we’re Current—so we know how to give those social mediaites something to talk about.