5 People Who Became Trainers After 50

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It’s pretty impressive when, after years in a specific industry, someone decides to do an about-face and follow a crazy dream or a long-buried passion. It’s even more impressive when that career switcheroo requires totally overhauling one’s nutrition and exercise … Read More

Getting The Goods On Google

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When I interviewed for my first PR job, I never worried that an employer’s Google search would turn up incriminating evidence about me. Not because I led such a spotless life (we’ll just leave that subject there)—but because Google was … Read More

It’s A Mad, Mad Augmented Virtual World

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How artificially intelligent are you? Sorry, let me put that another way: How smart are you about artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR), the latest tech trends in entertainment? I recently had my knowledge (not to … Read More

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