Still reviewing your agency vs in-house options?

Looking to develop your next “big PR idea?”

Want to take CurrentPR for a test drive?

Whatever your needs, we’ve got the solution: a four-hour creative and comprehensive brainstorm session with your staff and ours. Here’s what’s included:

The CurrentPR Team

  • Seasoned leader/facilitator
  • Two additional agency experts in your brand space

The Prep

  • Advance client phone interview to determine brainstorm goal and collect background info
  • Preliminary online research as appropriate to prepare for the session
  • A customized agenda
  • Relevant props, toys, snacks, materials and supplies

The Session

  • Intro and review of goal
  • Various brainstorm games and exercises tailored to your staff’s unique business style
  • Initial development of ideas and strategies aimed to meet your specific end goal
  • Advice on next steps and final remarks

The Follow-up

  • Comprehensive brainstorm notes emailed to you within the week
  • Counsel via phone or email for the month immediately following the session


  • $1,250 for fees.
    (Props, toys, snacks, materials and supplies, as well as venue rentals, are extra.)

Detailed Road Map

  • Based on the results from the brainstorm, CurrentPR will create a user-friendly, customized plan for an additional $1,000.