With a lean and mean internal staff—but a vast network of professionals whom we can tap for any campaign—CurrentPR boasts the best of all worlds: flexibility, low overhead, swift decision-making, quick action, and an infinite skill set. Here’s more about us.

Alison Hill


As founder of CurrentPR, Alison turns creators into media stars, executives into thought-leaders and brands into trendsetters.

Prior to launching the agency, Alison spent more than three decades in the trenches at Burson-Marsteller, Mattel Electronics and Turner Broadcasting. From head of media relations and consumer spokesperson to vice president of PR for five different cable networks, she always exceeded expectations in her many challenging roles.

Nowadays, Alison serves as brand steward, creative director, lead strategist, talent wrangler, social media catalyst, promotions and special event expert, media liaison extraordinaire, motivational coach, den mother, and hand-holder (when necessary).


Jim DeNuccio


Jim produces big events at small agency rates, supervises staff of all shapes and sizes, and provides creative budgeting solutions to meet each client’s specific needs.

Jim honed his signature leadership style and his can-do organizational know-how as an executive for Cox, Comcast and Adelphia for more than 30 years. During that time, he rallied and led teams of more than 50+ pros in the cable contracting industry and successfully completed million dollar projects.

Today, Jim is the agency’s resident Renaissance man, serving as business affairs manager, operations director, events producer, and staff mentor, among many other assorted roles.


Hannah Purdy

Senior Publicist

In her multifaceted role at CurrentPR, Hannah marries brands to influencers, turns products into celebrity must-haves, and puts clients in the media spotlight.

While the title of senior publicist suggests she handles publicity projects, (which she does), Hannah’s role continues to evolve and grow. She also serves as event logistics expert, talent recruiter, social media maven, blog ambassador specialist, content creator, house photographer and overall go-to gal for new and unusual challenges.

Hannah joined CurrentPR fresh out of school four years ago, and although her original career path was in the medical field, she’s now both proficient and passionate about the PR and marketing world…and for that reason, we never intend to let her leave it!